Why you should not miss this

The European Career Fair (ECF) in Boston has a lot to offer – not only if you are looking for highly educated talent, but also if you want to raise the profile of your institution.


Why you should not miss this fair:

  • The largest fair for promoting your institution in the United States

  • > 3,000-5,000 outstanding Master's students, PhDs and post-docs

  • Direct access to the CV database for pre-screening, selection and interview scheduling as soon as you register

  • Opportunities for one-on-one interviews on Sunday and Monday after the fair

  • The majority of candidates are graduates of prominent universities, including Boston University, Harvard, MIT and Northeastern University

  • The fair is geared towards numerous levels: Master's students, PhDs and post-docs

  • The fair is geared towards numerous fields: Engineering, Life Sciences, Management, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, Social Sciences and Economics

  • Participants receive a 10% discount through AcademicTransfer – read more about how to register.


‘Career fairs suit the University of Groningen's long-term strategy to expand its reputation as a “best place to work.” In addition, there are current vacancies (PhD, tenure track) that we want to publish. The individuals attending the European Career Fair in Boston fit these objectives superbly.'

Frank Nienhuis, HR strategy policy adviser, University of Groningen

'Career fairs provide TU/e with a platform to present ourselves as one of the leading universities in science &  technology. The coming years we need to attract talent from all over the world. The MIT European Career Fairs enables us to interact with promising scientists  who want to pursue their academic career in Europe. It gives us the chance to promote ourselves as a people-centered employer and to spark an interest in our research'.

Julma Braat, HR policy advisor at Eindhoven University of Technology

‘Career fairs present an opportunity to talk one-on-one with highly talented individuals. These conversations provide a unique chance to answer questions or learn more about candidates' wishes. In addition to enabling us to recruit candidates for the University of Groningen, this also allows us to find out what prospective employees expect from us. This information could potentially influence our personnel policy or lead to new courses or coaching, and thus means more to us than simply participating in a recruiting event. The city of Boston with its leading institutions offers a great source of information and top-tier talent, of course.'

Dr. Jan Peter Birkner, Research Manager at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen