Holland Branding

Holland Branding is something that concerns us all. Holland Branding is about recognising what we in the Netherlands collectively have to offer. As an employer, you benefit when candidates are able to picture what makes the Netherlands so special. That includes not only working, but also living, studying and conducting research in the Netherlands. Things that are obvious to us, but often not to people from abroad. There are also things with which we can distinguish ourselves; things that can make the difference. It is why AcademicTransfer works with High Tech NL and the Holland Innovation Network in Boston. We want to show that all Dutch employers send out one collective message, like you see in these two banners.

Holland Branding: pre-conference program:*


On Friday, 15 February we will organise two events: 

  • Meet & greet for and with the Dutch participants: 90 minutes to get acquainted with each other.

  • This will be followed by the ‘Holland House' meeting: candidates will have the opportunity to meet the leading Dutch employers in R&D, representing knowledge institutions as well as the business sector.

During the European Career Fair we want to form a Dutch Street: all Dutch employers in one place and recognisable by a Dutch appearance. There will be plenty of room for you to showcase your own brand, too, of course. For a good impression have a look at:

ECF 2018 pictures

* We want to offer all participants – in consultation with the organization – room to deliver Company Presentations.